Saturday, June 3, 2017

Basic Ministry Training

We just spent the last two days having Basic Ministry Training at our church.  We go over all kinds of things having to do with ministries including how to teach lessons, share the gospel, lead songs, deal with children, etc. Our main focus is VBS and the fair ministry.  Here's Abby H. taking notes.

Last night a bunch of the group came over to our place for a small campfire and testimony time around the fire.  What an awesome group of young people!!  I was told they were up late, but I slept through the noise!

We've split up a bunch of the songs at VBS so different people are leading different songs. Here's Jeshua with one of his that he's leading.

Arthur does a great job teaching!

And here's the great group!!! Minus two that we're here when we took the photo. All of these kids have such a heart for God and desire to serve Him. It makes the training so easy!

We gave them time to  say verses to earn points for their teams at VBS since they don't have time during VBS week.

It's been really hot the last couple of days! We had frost two days ago and then yesterday it got up to 88 degrees! We were melting, so its nice that our church basement stays so cool. 

The first assignment is to pass the wordless book teaching. Really, its just a simple way to learn how to share the gospel and once you learn it, you can easily do it with just your Bible.  For those that learn that, we move them on to counselling. That's a bit harder but equally important. Basically, we want them to know what questions to ask, and how to listen, to really make sure the child, teen or adult, understands what you're teaching them. We want to make sure a child doesn't respond to the gospel just to please their leader, or for some other reason without understanding what their really doing.

Again, it was a great couple of days. I am so thankful for these awesome young people and can't wait to see where God leads this group in the future! Those that come to VBS, June 12-16, are in for a real treat as these guys have their lessons down, their skit is hilarious, and they are ready to have fun! Thank you, parents, for doing such a great job training them!!

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