Friday, June 16, 2017

VBS & On the Farm

VBS for 2017 at our church is officially over! It was such a fun week! I know we've had a lot of fabulous workers over the years but I don't think we've ever had this many at one time! Can they ever sing! And then you add a ton of kids, and well, it was great!

I've got a bunch of pictures to share with you including this adorable one of  Esther in her cowgirl outfit. How blessed we feel to have the grandchildren attend, plus all the extended cousins, aunts and uncles!

Arthur was not only the director but did daily "Cowboy Talks" on difficult subjects like, "How do I know there's a God?",  "How do I know God loves me?", " Why do so many bad things happen if God is so loving?" and more. The kids listened really well and hopefully will feel more confident in their walk with God. There were so many other good lessons too and several children got saved and many more made other important decisions on things like praying and reading their Bibles.

A big thank you to Hannah for taking pictures! The kids loved the covered wagon from the maze. Well, it was uncovered part of the week but eventually we got the top on.

Matthew did a lesson on controlling the tongue using Eli as his horse!

Rachel enjoyed telling the story of Samuelito everyday. Of all the VBS lessons, year after year, the kids seems to enjoy the missionary story the best. It could have something to do with how it always stops at an exciting point, making you come back the next day to  hear what happens!

For a few years now, we have done a theme skit each day. This week, Josh and his sister Abby were Snidly and Jane in our skit. They were the bad guys that did got saved in the skit  today at VBS!

I so enjoy watching Isaac and Heidi!

Arthur's old boots made great offering containers!  

Miriam and Hannah,  an occasionally Abby, kept attendance records and wrote down who said what verses for the contest. It's not an easy job!

I just liked this picture of Josh, and that's why I'm putting it in here!

One day this week we had a wind storm with 70 mph gusts. There's were lots of trees down in the area and this tree was very nice in falling between our house and garage! It made for extra work for the guys because there were trees down on the fences all over.

Our water balloon shed over at the maze blew over. We were going to do some work on it this year so I guess we'll jsut have to do a little more than we planned!

I saw this cute calf with her mama last night and had to snap a picture. I love how protective those mama cows are!

And then here, out of order, is the official skit picture.

So, it was a good week. I am so thankful to God for all the blessings he sent our way including holding off rain during breaks, keeping the children safe, providing leaders, etc. A big thank you to those that helped!!!

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  1. Glad to hear everything went well!!
    See you all in a couple of months!!


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