Friday, August 18, 2017

Northland Camp - Hosanna's Summer

This summer Priscilla and I(Hosanna) worked at Northland Camp in WI, and half way through Miriam joined us as well. It was a great summer and we had the opportunity to do a lot of different things and see God work. Several children got saved this summer and made other important decisions such as surrendering to do God's will for their lives. During family camp we do a carnival one night and in the picture above I'm making balloon animals at the carnival. Priscilla did her own post about camp so I don't have her pictures on this post. You can check out her blog on the sidebar to see her pictures.

Here I am in chapel with my campers. Each week we had a different speaker and we had chapel every morning and evening. The speakers were very good and I really enjoyed getting to hear them. I worked with the Juniors(3rd-6th graders), Priscilla worked with the teens and Miriam worked in the kitchen.

During family camp we also do family games and I got to help with them one week so they let us counselors that were helping jump in and play some of them.

Most of the pictures I have were taken during family camp or on weekends because I didn't have the camera with me while I was at junior camp.

This picture is from funny time (a skit night). The guys sang a funny song about duct tape. Priscilla got to help make the duct tape vests.

One Saturday they opened up the coffee shop for the staff so here we are. It was always good to catch up with Miriam on weekends because we hardly saw her during the week since she was always in the kitchen and we were always with our campers.

Jessica also came and helped out in the kitchen. She came at the same time that Miriam came and it was great having her there with us.

We had a staff party one day and so we played some games. Mr. Manor pitched for this game and he certainly had some interesting pitches.

And here we are after the game. This is pretty much the entire staff. 

I got to tell the missionary story for the kids at family camp. This year we told Hudson Taylor. We had a children's class for a few hours each day so it was like a VBS for the children that came. By the way, it's almost impossible to get a good picture of someone telling a story if they are being at all expressive. 

For funny time I got to play the accordion for one of the songs. It was fun to be part of it.

These pictures are not in any specific order. Anyways, this picture is from our staff talent show. I did a roping demonstration for it and Priscilla wrote a fun poem for it. This was before Miriam joined us at camp.

During junior camp we had what we call Nerdy Friday so I did my best to come up with something nerdy and this was the outcome.

So that was my summer. Miriam will share on the next post.

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