Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Late Summer!

It's been a busy season for babies.  This is little Grace, Naomi and Aaron's daughter.

Okay, these are really out of order.  Daniel has been helping me work in the concession stand on Fridays. One of the perks is getting a treat! A lady got him this one for helping her look for her lost car keys.

Two little toothless girls visited us! Esther and Anna, Aaron and Naomi's older girls.

Eli E. and Josh H. and Caleb M. all have been working overtime with hay, more hay, straw, and today flax straw. I will be so glad for snow!!
Aimee and little Heidi enjoying the maze.

Hosanna helped with the cake at the shower. Aimee and Naomi actually made it and Hosanna added the words and trim!

We had a churchwide baby shower for little Felicity, Amos and Rebekah's new little girl.  Miriam loves little children and enjoys these special moments!

Churchwide meant the guys came as well! Felicity's little brothers were thrilled to watch Rebekah open the gifts.

Miriam didn't get a post done about her summer so I'll show you just a couple of pictures. She helped out at Northland Camp again this year and worked in the kitchen again. This was at the 4th of July celebration where they sold burgers and hot dogs.

Miriam didn't get a post done about her summer so here's a picture of her helping out at Northland Camp again this year. She's quite at home in the kitchen and has really enjoyed her two summers working there.

This is Felicity shortly after she was born. Such a cutie!

Miriam has been my canner this year. One day she does spaghetti sauce, one day stewed tomatoes, the next salsa, or something like that. Anyone need tomatoes?
Sorry this is blurry. It's showing Arthur's bruised up leg from having a chain saw hitting it. And Josh's foot that he scrapped up by sliding barefoot while playing a game at church. (After church!)

Priscilla was pretty thrilled to have her Mission of a Lifetime book come out!! She did a book signing at Caribou Coffee in Warroad which is pictured above. If you like adventure stories, you will love this book!! She would love to sell you a copy or you can buy them on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or CBD.

Back to Miriam, everyday we have a counter full of jars to put away. It's making the pantry look like one big tomato factory since we haven't canned a whole lot else this year.

Well, that about sums up the last few weeks. The maze has been going good. How could it not with the fabulous workers God sends our way!!! I appreciate my nieces and nephews and daughters friends so, so, SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to see how God is going to use them throughout their lives!

Have a wonderful week everyone enjoying the blessings God sends your way!
And please pray for America!

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