Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who's in charge now?

Mom and Dad are attending a homeschool convention in Duluth, so us kids are having fun running the house - I thought about posting something about them, but decided to be nice and just give you a few highlights of our weekend.

- We found Dad's checkbook and wallet still sitting on the counter (there's a reason we don't often let them go places by themselves!)

- We finished all the ice cream in the house. No, that wasn't all we ate - we made pizza as well.

- The kids CAT tests arrived in the mail and we're still not sure if we should dispose of them before Mom gets home or not...

- The farm seems to know when Dad is gone - 1.4% of our total herd died yesterday (trivia - how many head do we have in all?) so it's a good thing the convention isn't very long!

- Routine torture of Silas - making him drink his daily glass of milk. Maybe his method would help you with things you don't like. 1. let it warm up 2. say your alphabet as fast as you can 3. drink it in one gulp 4. put something else in your mouth quick.

- Otherwise, life goes on as normal, but we miss them and we're looking forward to their return!

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  1. Well, if you had 500 head, seven would have died (I hope not that many died though!)

    Glad the ice cream was good...

    Since they left the money, you won't have to do any school work next year!!!

    (And definitely dispose of the tests!) :)


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