Saturday, May 31, 2008

And More ISC!

There was a bowling alley on the campus and so a couple days when we had free time we went bowling. That's not something we get to do a lot (Silas had never gone) and so we really enjoyed it! We also got a chance to watch some of the competition in Famous Speech and Drill Team and to look at a bunch of the exhibits - things like photography, sewing, woodworking, science exhibits, and paintings.

Me, Silas, Hosanna, Miriam, Isaac, and Dad
Our favorite part about convention is the rallies - there was one every night and they started with games, singing,"command performances" (if the judges thought a certain student's music or platform event was exceptional, they would get to do it in front of everyone,) and other fun things, but the best part was the preaching. The four main speakers were Steve Piggot, Steve Roberson, Kenny Baldwin, and Johnny Pope - they all were exciting! The theme this year was Our Foundation, Our Future and I think we were all encouraged to allow the Lord to keep working in our lives and to keep building on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
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