Saturday, May 31, 2008

ISC - Awards!

OK, you can't see her very well, but Miriam is the girl on the right walking across the platform - all of the kids did great in their events and got some medals. They gave out the Golden Apple (Proverbs) and the Golden Lamb (John) awards on Monday night, so Hosanna got one and Miriam got two first place medals that night. The awards ceremony was Thursday morning - Miriam got fifth in Bible Memory, Hosanna got seventh and Silas got eleventh (they only give awards to the top six in each catagory.) In archery, Isaac got first in both of his catagories! (bare compound and traditional) and Hosanna got fifth and Miriam got sixth in girls freestyle limited and Silas got ninth in boys freestyle limited. In Consecutive Word Count, Miriam got first and Hosanna got third and Miriam, Hosanna, and Isaac got first place in Bible Bowl! There's a lot of teams in that event, so we were really excited and proud of them!

Miriam took this picture of me - it was a really pretty campus, with lots of old brick buildings and flowerbeds (including some petunias! - we drove halfway across the country and still didn't get away from them!)
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  1. Congratulations to everyone, and that's quite a joke on you about the petunias. :)


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