Monday, June 2, 2008

Way to Go, Silas!

This weekend Silas volunteered to clean the barn. We have a barn cleaner that pushes all the manure out the barn and into a manure spreader. Silas did this and took the manure spreader out onto a field a little ways from here. This is great fertilizer for fields and you can always see where it was spread because the crops grow so much faster and have a richer color. Anyway, he just started unloading this manure spreader, which he filled a little too full, when the chain that dumps it out broke. Now this is a problem because you can't fix it when it's under all that manure. If this were to happen to Arthur or one of the other boys, they'd probably drive the tractor home, grab a pitchfork and pitch it out all by hand. Well Silas didn't want to waste time so he unloaded the manure - by HAND!! So for this week, we feel Silas deserves the Diligent Farm Worker award!! (Yes, I did make sure he washed his hands before supper!!)
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