Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garden Day!

Today we planted some more in our garden. We have the tomatoes and peppers left and maybe a little more corn and beans. The peas are starting to poke out and the onions are in neat rows. We planted them week ago or so. Anyway, Silas was doing field work, Arthur tilled for me and Priscilla and I planted. Arthur plowed up another area as well because he really wanted to plant some sweet corn with the corn planter. Sounds like we'll have corn coming out of our "ears". Isaac, Naomi, Miriam and Hosanna are in Devil's Lake, North Dakota for week one of Christian Youth in Action. It's run by Child Evangelism Fellowship and basically they teach them how to teach 5-Day Clubs and lead children to the Lord. They'll be glad they got out of the garden planting! Except maybe Isaac who enjoys gardening.
I was excited to see the apple trees blossoming! Not as many as last year but we'll take whatever God sends our way!
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