Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bean Chopping Party

This morning Rebekah walked over when we were cutting beans so with six of us it was a party. And no, the yellow beans aren't old. You can buy yellow bean seeds and I just like the looks of mixing the green and yellow. I just got a load in the canner and thought I'd take a quick break. Arthur called this morning and things are going fine out on the island. No one is homesick or hurt so that's good. Amos had trouble this morning though doing chores. It seems the compressor that cools our milk in the bulk tank quit working. We made a few calls looking for a repair man that's willing to work on a bulk tank and finally found one that might be out this afternoon. We have a small bulk tank in the milkhouse so he put the milk in that one for this morning and it should hold this evenings as well if need be. If it can't be fixed, the company we sold milk to told us to dump the milk and they'd pay us anyway. I think I'll pray it gets fixed! It would hurt to dump milk!! The few times we've had problems like this we use as much milk as possible, make lots of cheese and yogurt, give lots away, and let the calves have as much as they can reasonable drink. Naomi took her turn in the barn helping Amos this morning.

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