Friday, August 29, 2008

Corn Stalking?

For a few years now we've talked about how fun it would be to have a corn maze. One thing they do in corn mazes is have flashlight nights where you find your way through in the dark with a flashlight. Anyway, we decided to go out into our corn last night and check it out. The kids did a lot of hooting and hollering and tried to scare each other and yes, we decided it would be fun in a maze, in the dark, with a flashlight. A neighbor did get concerned that something was going on in the corn so he drove by really really slow, turned around and drove by really really slow again. We were in the corn watching and wondering what he was thinking. Anyway, as soon as he left, we did too! We don't want to scare our neighbors! The guy must've seen us because he followed us home. Arthur assured him everything was okay, that it was our corn, and that we were just having a little fun. He was about ready to call the police!! I think if we ever do a corn maze, we'll warn the neighbors!! For those that remember our gorilla suit that was used at VBS one year, the kids thought it would be a great thing to walk around in the dark with and scare people in the corn. Aren't they nice! What do you all think? Should we ever have a corn maze? Would you come?

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  1. That sounds like fun; my boys would LOVE it! The gorilla story sounds like our skunk stories. :)


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