Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hang on 'Lil Cowboy!

The men in our church did a ladies appreciation luncheon today. They did a really great job and I'm sure all the ladies and girls had a good time. Anyway, Arthur volunteered to watch all the kids and did they ever have fun. They got horseyback rides with Arthur's hat on.
The kids got to play in the big round bales in one of the haysheds.
Arthur, Isaac, and Silas gave the kids hotdogs to roast for lunch.
And of course the kids wanted 4-wheeler rides and horse rides. The kittens also got played with a lot and the cows enjoyed being visited as well. I think Arthur endeared himself to all 22 kids!! Silas enjoyed taking tons of pictures.

Last night Arthur and the boys thought it would be a good night to get rid of some wasp nests that have been a bother. So they waited until dark, got a torch and took care of the wasps. But once you have a torch, it's so tempting to enjoy it!

Be careful guys!

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