Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Word from Priscilla...

Priscilla here, look at that big squash and pumpkin! We had never seen a squash that big. We will probably freeze the pumkin. A special thanks to the Nances for giving us them. (the pumpkin isn't on the picture but it was really big too)

In school we all have are own desk to do school at, but this year mom got us all the same English and art so we do them together at the kitchen table. This is Silas doing art. He is hiding his work. If you look close, Silas has a apple in his mouth.


  1. That is one HUGE squash!!!! Do you have any idea how much it weighed? I would save some seeds from that thing.

  2. WOW!!! That is ginormous!!!! :) You guys find HUGE mushrooms...HUGE squash...HUGE pumpkins...what else?!

  3. It's about 40 lbs. and it was given to us to save the seeds so that's what the plan is. Lotta big things considering we're so far from Texas!!


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