Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are You Ready for Winter?

We've had a lot of rain the last couple of days and the little bitty Bulldog behind the barn is really running and overflowing it's banks. The rain is suppose to turn to snow sometime this evening but I don't believe there's going to be too much of the white stuff.

Arthur has been busy today making a shelter for some of the calves to get them out of the rain. Kinda miserable work even with raingear on.
Our pantry is ready for winter with all the good stuff God provided and the girls helped process. When we built the addition on our house years ago we added a pantry and I'm sure glad we have it. Today Miriam is making some pumpkin leather. It should be interesting.

Say, we got our first Christmas card in the mail yesterday! That's got to be a first!! It seems like everyone is thinking about Christmas a little early this year. Maybe with the economy and the elections, we all just need something cheerful and stable like Christmas. Hard times do tend to make people "nostolgic" (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) and want family around so there are benefits to what the country is experiencing.

Isaac is working on getting everyone ready for hunting season that starts this Saturday. He's getting the guns, ammo, clothes, and whatever ready. Our girls, who are normally so indoors minded, get "hunting fever" this time of year and went outside the other day to sight in their rifles, without the guys! They had a good time too! Well, I better go. Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Your pantry looks AMAZING!!!! :) What a pretty sight...we DID get snow here last night, but only an inch or two...not much...

  2. This is kewl.. We got our first snow here last night.. well.. Blizzard was more like it.. But now its pretty outside.


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