Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recycling Political Signs...

Well the election is history and we had an ice cream party to sooth the disappointments. Hey, the kids will think of all kinds of reasons to have an ice cream party and this was as good as any! You're supposed to rejoice when trials come, right?

So now that it's over, we have decided to share our guarded secrets of what we do with leftover political signs. And yes, I believe we've tried all of them.
Making large geese to hide behind while goose hunting. (didn't work very good!)
Using signs for target practicing.

Covering the opening of a calf hutch. Actually Priscilla's chickens are in there and she didn't want anything to get at them.

Sleds - their really, really slick going down hills - not that we have too many hills!
Rink shovels - great for scrapping fresh snow off of the ice.
Next election - will McCain run again?
Feed Shute - adding to an old grain auger to guide the feed
Umbrella - hey, if it's close and it's raining, why not?
Patching holes - in an old shed or something
House siding - okay, we've never tried this one but it would be colorful!
Building forts - colorful walls but hard to hide
Shields - Add a duct tape handle and you're ready for battle
Under Vehicles - when the ground's wet or cold and you need to change the oil
Flaying fish - better than using the kitchen's cutting boards
Wall posters - Great if you actually win
Under futon mattress - so you can't feel the springs
Bridge - over a muddy path, watch out though, they get really slippery! (Ask Silas)

Well, regardless of how things might look, we still have the Joy of the Lord! Have a great day!!


  1. Believe it or not we have all of our coops and both the sheep pen goat houses are made from recycled campaign signs.

    We moved to NM and do not even know who some of the people are because the judge who gave us all his old signs had used prior campaigners under his signs.

    On my farm blog I know I have photos and am now inspired to post on it...

  2. Lots of good ideas!! We never got signs because we live in an apartment next to a militant Obama fan, and we didn't figure creating intentional conflict was a good testimony.. So, we opted to not put them up.. I will have to remember that for the next election.

  3. We have extras if you need some, Jennie, for some of the above uses! Also, someone stole a McCain / Palin sign right out from under Arthur's eye. They must've not seen him on the tractor!! No, we won't steal any Obama signs in retaliation - we would never want anyone to think it was ours!!

  4. Ha! The shields would come in handy around here. :) Wow, my word verification actually is a word this time. It says, "Sleep." I wish I could!!! :)

  5. Steve ran for state Senate many years ago, and painted sheets of plywood for signs...needless to say, MANY of them can still be seen around here...they make up parts of the floors, walls, shed doors, hole patches, on and on. :) Pretty creative...oh, and my grandparents had a McCain/Palin sign stolen from their yard too...but in this case we thought maybe THEY wanted it, since they only sent 200 signs for all of Sioux Falls!!! I guess they knew SD ALWAYS goes Republican, so they didn't want to waste their :)

  6. On a side note, bumper stickers. They look great all over the manure spreader.


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