Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 1 of Hunting Season...

OK - this is Naomi writing for Miriam - "I was sitting in my swather stand (on the roof of an old swather!) when I saw a deer walking towards me. I pulled up my gun on it and when it was between two trees - Bang! I cycled my action while it started to run again, but then it fell down and began to kick...then it was still."

All that happened in less than a minute, the rest of the day (shooting hours start at 6:40 and go till 5:30), we sat, and sat, and sat, and froze! It started to snow last night and continued off and on all day (we maybe have an inch). It seems like no matter how many pairs of socks you wear and no matter how good of boots you have, there's no way to keep your toes from getting cold when you're just sitting there.

In the later afternoon, Dad shot a doe and a fawn. Three less deer on the highway! Silas used some time to catch up on sleep - not a good habit for a least, after some "threatening", he didn't sing outloud like last year! Anyway, we're happy with how the day went, and we're happy to be home :)

Mom and Priscilla spent the day cleaning up the mess we left behind us, making granola, doing schoolwork, and reading books.

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