Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lefse Making - You Betcha!

Hi from Naomi - this is a picture of Priscilla "flipping" lefse. In case you don't know what lefse is, let me tell you...It's sort of like a tortilla, only it's made from mashed potatos, with a little flour mixed in. It's a Swedish treat, and even though us kids are only one-eighth Swedish, our Grandma Krahn is half and she has made sure that we all love it. Minnesota is FULL of people with Swedish backround, so even my Mom's family has been affected by the culture and they make lefse too!
Dad and Mom suddenly decided to go to Grand Forks today, and since we already had everything ready, us girls got the job of lefse making ourselves! We all took turns rolling out the balls and watching them on the grill. This is Miriam at her turn rolling.

Roll them up with butter and sugar - and eat - YUM! We freeze them in packs of ten, and we got ten packs, besides what we ate :)

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  1. OK - I gave credit for lefse to the Swedish, but I guess the Norwegians claim it's their invention...Just say Scandinavians and you'll be safe! Naomi


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