Monday, December 1, 2008

Keeping Busy ...

The guys cut up the deer one day last week and today I finally got around to canning some of it. I admit, canned meat looks awful but it makes great gravy, stew, chili meat, or whatever. I have a couple of roasts in my fridge waiting to be made into venison hams. I got a recipe from a lady at church and am anxious to try it but it'll have to wait till I get to town to get a few things.
Meanwhile, Priscilla decided she wanted to decorate for Christmas. It seems strange to think of Christmas just a few weeks away and hardly any snow. We've got the cold though - it was 2 degrees this morning and the house was quite cool before Arthur built a fire. I love decorating for Christmas with the bright colors and Christmasy smells. My kids think I kinda go overboard but they do enjoy the finished look and I do enjoy making our house a pleasant place to be. Maybe having a birthday near Christmas makes me kinda not want to overlook Jesus's birth even though we know it probably wasn't December 25th!
Arthur has been hauling bales today and is out helping a neighbor right now. The girls are getting ready to do a Good News Club this afternoon and Isaac just got in from checking his traps. I had a request for more information about his trapping and tanning hides. I'll try to get on that soon. Thanks for those that have left comments - they are so fun and a bright spot in our day!


  1. hey we like the green and black/white family new is it.

  2. Glad you like the picture - the special coloring is to cover up the fact that we're not matching! It was taken Thanksgiving day.

  3. I LOVE your house when it's decorate for always feels so cozy and welcoming...makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch a movie!! :) I just finished putting up our tree, and doing a little decorating...I LOVE Christmastime!!!!!


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