Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Tour of our Voting Place

Hi! Mom and Dad and I went in to vote this morning (Isaac was out in the woods, so he'll have to go in later) - this is the Moranville township hall. When Mom talks about building an addition, Dad loves to remind her that this building used to be a home for a large family! Notice the sign above the door - our family did a float for the 4th of July parade for Moranville's 100th birthday in 1999 and that was what we used.
Mom's uncle is one of the election judges - he handed us our ballots. It was pretty busy in there! - I was the 109th person to vote this morning.

Mom voting - for some reason, filling in those circles always reminds me of CAT tests in school. There is one voting machine, but most people don't bother to use it...

Grandma is also an election judge - she makes sure everyone is a registered voter. No danger of voter fraud here! It seems like everyone knows everyone anyway...


  1. Being that you have a large family, and it sounds like you all live in a small town, ( I am curious of the population ) and now to the question, is the majority of the town your family?????


  2. LOL, that is such a funny question...and YES, most of the town IS related to all of us SOMEHOW...even tho I don't live there... :)

  3. Hi! Our town officially has about 2,000 people. In our entire county there's only about 15,000! However, we live out in the country so we vote by townships which for us is Moranville. It really is quite large landwise, but not all that many people compared to a city. Yes, in some way we are related to an awful lot of people!! Both Arthur and my family have lived in the area for generations and that's what happens!! Rachel is my niece and lives way too far away!

  4. Just thought I'd drop you another note to say...gas is at $1.99 here now!!! I just saw that as we were going in to vote. :) Hope it stays down for awhile...

  5. Hey there,
    That must be sooooo nice, to have a lot of family nearby!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And your township building is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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