Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Naomi's Room

There's things going on today, but nothing blogworthy, so I'm going to make you suffer through a tour of my room - I cleaned it last week (Yes, that most certainly IS worth putting on the blog. I consider myself a very neat person - if it wasn't for my room!) and since a lot of people have never seen it, or at least, never seen it when it's clean, I thought it would be kind of fun to show you around. By the way, everything nice in my room is a gift from someone. So if you recognize something - thank you!

This is my desk and bookshevles - I rotate my pictures, but the people on there now are Julie (top), Isaac, Sara, Rachel, and Emily. I don't have any specific method to choosing which books go in my room, but they're certainly among my favorites. Including - the Elsie Dinsmore series by Martha Finley, Ester Ried by Isabella Alden, the Caledonia books by Michael Phillips, Coronation of Glory by Deborah Meroff and other Inheritance Publications, Pearl Maiden by H. Rider Haggard, His Chosen Bride by Jennifer Lamp, the Frencolian Choronicles by Carolyn Ann Aish, Little Women, Eight Cousins, Anne of Green Gables...

The hatchet marks on the door are Isaac's contribution to my room, and the string of beads hanging down from the ceiling is my "light switch." Oh, and I'm used to looking at my desk from the opposite direction - that's why the red scrapbook is behind the others - and the things "in" my desk are out of sight when you're standing. That is a gun at the edge of the picture.

I measured, and my room is 8 x 13 1/2 feet - all four of us girls used to be in here until we built the addition in '99. A friend, Cara, made this quilt for me - one of my favorite gifts ever! I'm the only person I know that has pictures of myself up in my room. Mmmm.

You can't see really, but there's a couple posters on the wall/roof - I tried in vain for years to get things to stick to the wallpaper, but every night after I would tape or tack something up, I could here it slowly "unsticking". Anyway, I had never thought of putting one on the ceiling until I came home from Texas - Priscilla had moved in (you think it's a mess now...) while I was gone and I returned to find an Elephant poster up - needless to say, I eventually removed it, but used her creative idea.

Hope chest, drawers, and mirror - and piles, piles of college stuff, CEF stuff, and cake stuff. Yes, the dolls do have names - from left to right, Christina, Diana, Emily, and Rosalie. Thank you for coming on my little tour! Sorry it got so long...


  1. I haven't been up in your room for a LOOOONG time...didn't we have a sleepover there once, like, YEARS ago??!! :) Thanks for the tour...what a creative idea!! :) It made me feel like I was there...wish I was...will be soon...miss you all!! :)

  2. I think I stayed in your room at one point! I love CEF.. You get stay the coolest places. I miss you all. I liked the tour as well!!

  3. We probably did have a sleep over there once - I've sort of lost track of them all! and I think Jennie, you stayed in my room the time I was gone...Also,the glass dish on my desk is from you and I have dried rose petels in it from you and Rachel's weddings :) Naomi

  4. Thats so cool, I have the entire Elsie Dinsmore set!!!!


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