Monday, March 2, 2009

It's in God's Hands...

...our health that is.

Last week I had the "privilege" of having my yearly appointment with my endocrinologist doctor. I always imagine she will find all kinds of things wrong with me, but no, she didn't find anything wrong, at least nothing we didn't know was already wrong. I say "privilege" because we may not have access to the doctors we want if the "National Health Care" people get their way. Canada has a national health care system and both my grandpa and aunt might be alive today if they had lived in the states.

Anyway, that is a rabbit trail that you probably don't want me to go down because I am quite passionate on this issue. I am glad for good health and for all the doctors have done for me and yet I know that ultimately our health is in God's hands. How comforting to know that we personally know the "Great Physician"!! I have strange health issues. For example, she gave me a perscription for a shot to carry around with me in case I get really sick, in an accident or something. I can quickly give myself this shot and maybe avoid a trip to the emergency room or maybe save my life. Again, how good to know that God is in control! This is Arthur and I's yearly "get-away" and we go shopping and get a motel. So, even going to the doctor can be fun, if only they didn't weigh you!!

My girls have been cleaning house for a lady that was very sick. Each time they visited her she was convinced she was getting better. She died last week and the girls are at her funeral as I write this. She was only 62. Please pray for this family. Sometimes we need these reminders that our lives are in God's hand.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your doctors visit went well...and I second the opinion about weighing!! :| I think they came up with that just to embarass people...I carry an EpiPen with me all the time, which is a shot of adrenaline in case I have another anaphylactic reaction...I can't stand the thought of giving myself a shot, but I guess I'd take that over dying. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend who died...a lady we knew died last week as well, but she was in her 90s, and was ready to go home. It's still a sad thing to lose people tho...

  2. I love the get away you and your hubby had. How precious and wise to turn a needed visit into a romantic getaway. I am with you on the medical freedom rabbit trail. As much as I am HOMESICK, terribly so, I do love the medical freedom and prices of specialist in the Philippines. Here, I can see a specialist w/out a referral and never pay more than $10. The truth remains, as you stated that our health is in God's hands. For that matter, so is our country - be in in blessing or judgement We have rest knowing that God is in control. We love your updates - praying for your family has become our habit. Love, Stacey-jean for the ten Inions


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