Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Rebekah's 21st birthday! Naomi made her a cake and we had Amos and Rebekah and Daniel over for dinner after church. Amos also surprised Rebekah and gave her a party last night with some of the young couples from church. Rebekah is such a wonderful daughter-in-law and we are so glad to have her as part of the family. She is a patient and sweet mother and a great wife. We love you, Rebekah! Saturday was Jessica J.'s 12th birthday so the girls each decorated a cake for fun. They had a good time and they even tasted good!! Jessica is a sweet girl and has such a good heart. She is also so funny and we're glad we've gotten to know her!
Oh yes, Amos also took Rebekah out for supper so we watched Daniel, a job we all love! He doesn't sit up on his own yet but when we sit him up he doesn't fall over and can play for a long time like this. He ate, took a good nap and just as he started to get fussy his parents drove up. Ah, the joys of being a grandma!! I feel so blessed by God for the wonderful family that He has given us!


  1. Once again, Happy Birthday Rebekah! :) It sounds like you had a full day...I hope your birthday was a wonderful one!!

  2. Happy birthday, Rebekah!!:)
    The Andersons

  3. LOL!!!! That picture of Daniel is sooooo cute! Happy Birthday Rebekah!

  4. ashahahahah!!!! That baby's eyes are so HUGE!!! He's so cute!!!!:)

  5. I love all the beautiful cakes!!!
    I agree too--the baby's eyes are very expresive and darling!


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