Saturday, May 9, 2009

Women of the Bible Mother / Daughter Luncheon

We just got home from the Mother / Daughter Women of the Bible Lunch and I thought I would post before I move on to something else. My mother-in-law, also our Pastor's wife, made the lunch Israeli style. We had pita bread with chick pea salad, cheese, figs, dates, carrot sticks, and an Israeli sweet type rolled up cookie. It was really good! Served with grape juice and tea it made a perfect lunch for ladies and little girls. Thanks, Mom!
We had about 60 ladies and girls, which for a church our size was really good.
As you can tell, my niece Sarah enjoyed herself!
Silas finally got to see some of his bottle collection put to good use! We needed something creative for vases and they worked just great. Then we surrounded the big jars with little ones. The palm branches were kinda neat too. When it was all over, I gave each of the little girls a branch and they had so much fun waving them around!
The older girls, "young ladies", dressed up like specific Bible women and not only served the food but during the program, Arlette told about each lady as they went up on stage and pantomined their part. The girls did great and came up with some really creative costumes. Each lady in the Bible has so much for us to learn and listening to Arlette was quite convicting! Thanks, Arlette!
This is Emily as the Princess and Tanya as the Princess' Maid in the part about Jocabed and baby Moses.
Naomi played the part of Anna, the woman who lived at the temple for 84 years as a widow and who finally got to see our Messiah, baby Jesus. My niece Rachel played the part of Mary.
Miriam was Jocabed and Julie H. was Miriam. Hosanna was Eve - who wore a white gown and when she "sinned" she took the white gown off and had a black gown under it. Priscilla, along with Karen and Jessica and Rebekah D., were women at the tomb.
Abby C. was Sarah. She looked so pretty in her scarf her brother got for her in Iraq. Sarah is a good example of how us women need to follow our men and not to take matters into our own hands when God has other plans.
It was a nice afternoon. I'm so thankful to be in a church where the girls are welcome and where we have such good fellowship. In fact, it always seems when we're at church that no one wants to go home! Oh, did I mention that it snowed all day? It melted as soon as it touched the ground, thankfully! Well, have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. Wow, that is so neat!!! Dressing up like Bible characters is really neat! Looks like you had a great and edifying time!:)

  2. Looks like you all had a good time...I would have enjoyed it I'm sure. :) I really like Abby's scarf too...very pretty!!

  3. I enjoyed the pictures of the Mother daughter luncheon... especially one of them. ;) Did you come up with the costumes? It was a neat idea.

  4. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Our mother/daughter luncheon is this coming Saturday! I hope our church's meeting goes as well!
    Hope ya'll had a great Sunday!

  5. No, BPM, I did not come up with the costumes. Each girl was responsible for her own although some come from our Christmas costumes collection! Glad you enjoyed the pictures :)


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