Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Amos!

Happy Birthday, Amos! It's hard to believe my children are getting so "old"! Amos has not only been a real blessing as our son, but it's been so fun to watch him as a caring husband and gentle father. Quite often Arthur and I have wished we had a dozen boys like Amos - ones who are diligent, have a love for God and His Word, and who live what they believe. We love you, Amos, and pray that God will use you mightily in the year to come.

We went next door to bring Amos birthday greetings. Rebekah had a crowd over and Daniel got to know his great grandpa a little better.
Rebekah made what Amos always liked for his birthday - pie! Delicious strawberry pie. Thanks, Rebekah, it was SO good!

It did freeze last night although not as bad as we thought it would. Arthur went out about 5 AM this morning at built a few fires in the garden and watered down the plants. Somehow, watering down the plants seems to ward off any frost damage. I'm afraid I don't know the science behind that, but it does work. Although God has been sending us some really cool weather, I'm sure glad He gives us ideas on how to deal with it!

The J. girls put on their Civil War dresses for us last night. Aren't they nice! It would certainly make a person feel more ladylike!! They had hoops under them and their mom sewed them. The J. family have worked at a living history museum and so the whole family has Civil War outfits and some from the Revolutionary War days. They shared with us some about dress styles back then and why they did what they did. One interesting fact - when a young lady finally got to wear floor length dresses, it meant she was available for marriage! They also liked to have wide shoulders and wide hoops to make their waists look smaller. We're trying to talk them into wearing them on 4th of July!


  1. Happy Birthday Amos!

    Hope you had a wonderful day! May the Lord continue to shower you with His blessings.

    The Peck Family

  2. Happy birthday Amos!

    My sis Melanie would LOVE those Civil War dresses...they are beautiful!:)


  3. Happy Birthday Amos! Wow, its crazy how "old" we all are getting. Sounds like you guys had a nice party. Those dresses are really cute. When I was younger, I always wanted to wear those historical dresses, and pretend like I lived in those times! Hopefully sometime in the next year, I will be posting a birth anouncement. Judah is taking his precious time. Almost 42 weeks. Being induced on Monday if he doesnt show up himself.

  4. Happy (late) Birthday Amos!!!! I hope you're day was wonderful. :) Aunt Camille, I really like the new pic of Amos and Rebekah on your's really cute!! :) But now you have to update their ages since they're 21 now! Daniel LOVES strawberry pie as well...I actually just made on this afternoon! Yummy...can't wait for supper now..... :D


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