Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Naomi told me I had to post some things on the blog when they're gone. Although we've been busy, it hasn't been anything blogworthy so I thought I'd share a little about rhubarb. I've been told it doesn't grow this good down south which makes sense because rhubarb loves cool weather and it really has been cool. Tonight they are giving us another frost warning!
Miriam made a big pan of rhubarb crisp to share with the J. family tonight.

I made a couple of batches of rhubarb jam. A few days ago I cleaned my sewing cupboard and found an apron I cut out but never sewed so I made that today as well. I need to get going on supper so if you think of it, pray that it won't freeze too hard tonight and kill the petunias, field corn, garden stuff, apple blossoms, etc.


  1. My mom always makes Rhubarb Jam with our rhubarb. Its really good!:)

  2. Mmmmmm...I love rhubarb crisp...I think apple crisp is still my fav, but rhubarb is really yummy too!!!! :)


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