Friday, October 23, 2009

Silage Pile

While Arthur chopped, Isaac made the silage pile. They worked for about 30 hours round the clock. Arthur and his dad took turns but Isaac worked the whole time with a middle of the night visit from Caleb to keep him awake.

Caleb is sure going to have some stories to tell when he gets home! If we let him go home that is! We were a little skeptical when he figured we should be selling our flax straw bales for twice as much. So, this morning he headed to town with 100 bales Arthur gave him. Yup, he sold them all and even got some tips! (Some he did lower the price a tiny bit.) Way to go, Caleb!

I told the girls it was time to quit our blog. I find myself posting almost duplicate pictures of what we posted last year, since it seems like everything we do is so seasonal. They said no, so we'll try to post on things you may not have seen. Of course some of you just started reading. Whatever, we'll keep on blogging! Hopefully you don't just read interesting tidbits, but also get edified as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

And if you think of it, keep praying for Hosanna. She's almost finished memorizing the 300+ passages but then there's the awesomely long job of reviewing the long passages. Pray that the verses will not only be in her head but that she'll use thse verses to apply to her life. In two weeks it will all be over! Wow, the time has gone quickly. Would you pray too, as these country bumpkins head to Washington DC. I'm afraid we're a little nervous! Or, I should say, I'm a little nervous!

Have a great evening with God!


  1. NOOOO!!!! DON'T QUIT!!! I love reading your blog, and it's such a nice way to keep up with you all...and as a farmer's wife myself, I find your pix/updates very interesting, even if you have posted something similar before. :)

  2. Been wondering how Hosanna was doing. I'm sure it's an awesome job! I am so proud of her!!!

    Hmmm...was that Caleb at the bait and tackle store?

  3. Please don't quit your blog! I have enjoyed following it and want to move to a farming comunity and home school my kids and grow by relying on the land and God!
    Please, your blog is not just farming updates, it's friendships and learning ways of life!

  4. Please do continue your blog, friends! I so enjoy reading what your family is up to and seeing pictures...


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