Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last Maze Post for 2009

Since we closed the maze we've had handfulls of people here and there go through the maze, but not after today. With a few nice days ahead of us, Arthur started chopping the corn.
Priscilla and I took one last romp through the trails. She was very mournful as she sang a song she made up called "Farwell, to the corn maze..." It goes to the Davy Crockett tune when they're at the Alamo and know the end is near.

Looking at this corn, I'm sure the cows are rejoicing the maze is over!
The sky was a gorgeous blue today.

Going on the bridge we noticed some graffiti - all good.
Priscilla did manage to give me a smile!
Meanwhile, Isaac is getting ready for fall trapping. He boils the traps to get the human scent off and then boils them with willow branches to leave a coating on them that prevents rust. (Sorry Isaac for giving away your secrets!)

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  1. Awe...that's kind of sad that it's gone! ;-D



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