Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Count Your Blessings - Wednesday

I'm very very thankful for my family!! They've been my best friends and we've had more fun together than any other family in the world :) Probably a lot of you haven't seen this picture - Sorry for the background - it was taken at the county fair in 1996. In case you're wondering Hosanna is the little girl on the chair and Silas is the boy in the back...

Priscilla wasn't on that picture, but yes, I'm thankful for her too!
As well as our new family members :) This is Rebekah and Daniel on Daniel's birthday (There's a picture of David on Monday's post...
The farm - there's no better place to grow up and to learn to work! I'm very grateful for the chance I've had to live in the country. By the way, this picture is from last winter, not this one :)

Our house - we've lived here since I was about 4-years-old and even though I know it's not a building that makes a home special, in the winter, having a warm place to be is definitely close to the top of anyone's list of blessings!


  1. I love your western family photo! Julee & I have one similar to that as a civil war solider and lady... It was taken a few months before our wedding. Art, you look good in that hat! I enjoy a good western style,cowboy brim! Not sure if you've seen the one I wear in a lot of my photos - it's all leather.
    I agree about family being best friends. I feel 1000+% the same way about mine! My dad told me as a youngen tyhatI'd have ot go out and make friends...and I took it literally (lol)... Julee and I made 5 friends (with the Lord's permission and blessing) - those 5 friends are known as our children!
    Thanks for being faithful in your updates... I want to try and keep my blog up, but don't seem to have the time (sorry)...
    Here's wishing you all a great and wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    From the McIntosh7

  2. Just decided to follow your blog when I saw your similar interests (courtship,home, family life,etc,) and the "antique" photo. We have many of those lining the walls of our home. I blog too and was noticing your picture of bread! I highlighted my Thanksgiving breadmaking just two days ago! Looking forward to reading more!


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