Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Neighbors Bull

Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna and Silas went to a CYIA lock-in this weekend over in Devils Lake, ND.  As usually Silas took tons of pictures.  You can't see this too good but it's a flock of swans. 

Here Miriam and Hosanna are playing foose-ball with a couple of other girls with the Krahn last name but as far as we have researched, we're not close enough related to make it in family tree books.  Anyway, they are like cousins to our kids anyway and for as similar as they are, I'm guessing we're related not too far back!  They live in an area where lots of our relatives came from. 
Our neighbor's bull has blessed us with a few really cute calves!  We don't usually have the beef cows calve until April but apparently the bull didn't pay attention to the fence.  Oh well!  Cute aren't they!  The different colored eartags shows who owns them.
We're having beautiful weather today but it's really windy.  Gotta go.  Have a great day as we remember what Jesus did for us this Easter season.

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