Monday, August 30, 2010

Bible Bee 2010

Well, the local 2010 Bible Bee contests are over.  Amos and Rebekah took Hosanna and Priscilla to Duluth on Saturday and Hosanna got first in her age category and Priscilla second.  It was a small group but lots of fun they said.   On Wednesday evening they post those that get to advance to the national competition.
This year they had the finals done orally in front of eveyone.
Arthur headed to an auction this last Saturday and Aaron took Arthur's place on the tractor at the maze.  Thanks, Aaron!  Arthur did pick up a couple little piglets for the maze.  We have never had pigs so we didn't realize how high they can leap out of a pen and leap they did!  It was quite a sight for our customers to see us chasing pigs around!  They sure can run fast!

The weekend went better than last weekend, probably because it was a little cooler.  It is always fun to hear comments from people.  One group said they read about the maze in the Steinbach, Manitoba paper!  Another person said they heard about us on the NPR radio station!  Always fun to hear of advertising we didn't have to pay for!  One little girl said, "Hi, scarecrow.  Hi, scarecrow."  in the sweetest little voice.  A lot of people ask, "Will I get lost?"  Get lost?  Isn't that the goal of a corn maze? Oh it's fun!

Yesterday our church had a baptism service down by the river and then came out to the maze for a potluck lunch.  A few of the ladies sat in the shade of the concession stand.
Bale mountain is getting shorter as the season progresses. Might just have to add another bale on top! The kids and teens sure enjoy it though.                           
It was hot so the slingshot was used a lot with quite a few volunteers to be targets!

Hope you all have a great day learning new lessons from God and taking those opportunities to give thanks for the blessings He's given and the having the patience to perservere.

James 5:8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts; for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.


  1. Congratulations to both of your girls!

  2. Maybe you need to build a special pen, grease your pigs, and have greased pig catching contests. :) LOL.

  3. Ha! That's a good one! I do know that pigs are hard to catch. I'll never forget the time my aunt slipped in the pen trying to catch one and had her arms and legs waving. She ended up throwing a pitchfork at one of them!


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