Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Straw, Hay, and Cousins

Last week Arthur's sister and her children came up for the weekend to help out and enjoy the maze.  Well, their vehicle has a problem and so while it's getting fixed, the cousins are helping out here and there and having some fun too.  Here's Joshua, Jeshua, and Matthias putting some loose hay in the baler.
Arthur putting straw bales in the hayshed.
Caught this one in the air.
Ronnie, Jonathan, and Silas stacking the straw in the shed.
The girls and I have been working hard to get some of the garden stuff done before fall really hits.  Hosanna is working on corn.
Arthur took the ones that helped out at the maze bowling today.  Here's Silas actually throwing the bowling ball it looks like!
Rachel with her cute smile.

Toward the end they turned off the lights for glow bowling.  Interesting.  Anyway, the workers had fun as well as a few others that ended up tagging along. 


  1. Mom said Jonathan and Joshua have been having a BALL getting to help with farm work!! I must say, I'm jealous...all these years Naomi and I planned for our car to break down and us to get stuck there, and the ONE time it actually happens, I'm not there!!!!! :(

  2. HEY Rach QUIT pouting


  3. Oh yeah, YOU'RE one to talk...you get to LIVE up there with all the cool people!!

  4. We have had so much fun over the last week. I can't imagine a better place to break down! Bowling was a blast! Thanks again! -Hannah


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