Monday, August 23, 2010

Corn Maze

Well, we just lived through opening corn maze weekend!  We couldn't have done it without the help of the girls who did a lot of the work keeping the admissions / concession booth going.  Thanks girls!  (Priscilla, Jessica, Hosanna, and Karen) Here they're sitting on top of bale mountain.  I guess we weren't expecting that many people because last year on opening day we only had 11 people.  We did better than that but mainly we are tired from just the stress of getting it all done and keeping such long days over at the maze.  I think altogether we ended up with 139 people or something like that.  Mostly after 7 PM when things cooled down a little.  There's still a few things we hope to get done this week that we didn't have time for.
This is Jeff who came by with his little boy.  Jeff used to work for us when he was in high school so he's kinda special to our family.
Arthur redeemed his down time, those hours when there was no one there, and did some work on the tractor we use for hayrides.
Cute little dairy heifer calf.  I hate to admit it, but it came from another dairy farmer in the area because we didn't have any calves quite little enough. 
The maze is cut into the shape of Minnesota so our entrance flag is the Minnesota state flag.
This is a far off look of the maze yard from the bridge in the corn.  On the left is the admissions stand, then the bale castle with "Bale Mountain"  on the right.  For awhile we called it "Terror Mountain" because Arthur made it so tall and it looked almost scary!  Yes, we took a couple of layers off the mountain ,and the kids, and especially the teens absolutely love it.
My neice Natalie and Ryan.  They just got engaged this weekend.  Congratulations!!  Thanks for stopping out to share your good news! 
When no one was at the maze, Jessica, Krystal, Hosanna, and Priscilla raced through the rope maze.  The little kids have a hard time with this but the older elementary kids and teens enjoy it. 

Well, I'm glad the weekend is over and we have a few days of rest (really? with hay and straw to bale?) before this coming weekend.  Thank you so much for those of you that prayed for us!  God is so good and gave us great weather when rain was highly expected.  No one got hurt and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We finished our weekend late last night by having Amos and Rebekah and boys, and Aaron and Naomi over to play a few rounds of Rook, eat leftover maze goodies, and have a time of singing together.  If you know our family, we don't sing the greatest so the addition of Rebekah and Aaron is sure a plus when it come to family devotions singing!  Never-the-less, it is so nice to hear everyone sing together God's praises with hearts that are singing to God.  I would rather a poor voice sing to God than a polished voice sing for self glory.  Today I hope to start school lesson planners.  Yeah!  I love planning school!  Have a great day serving God!


  1. Whoa, Jeff looks OLD! I don't think I would have recognized him. :) I saw pix on Facebook of Natalie's ring the other's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love weddings and engagements....they're such happy times! I wish we could come up there this weekend with everybody, but I think Daniel's too busy with the hay...maybe sometime this fall tho!! I really want to come up some weekend after Naomi's baby is born! :) Have a great corn maze season!!!

  2. Ohh! I'm glad you had a good start for the maze!

    It's looks reallt good!

    - Jen


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