Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DIBC and Isaac's New "Friend"

Deserted Island Bible Camp first.   
The canoes really tell the story.  Like the last day when it was super windy but the guys still survived and got to shore with no major mishaps, that is, unless you think of Arthur back on the lake with the big boat and the supplies.  The boat broke down while Arthur saw the guys heading the wrong direction back to shore.   He and Jeshua paddled and paddled with the fear of hitting the rocks along the shore they were by.  The wind blew and they really struggled till Arthur waved his paddle and another boat came by to resue them.  The canoe guys just took a different route to shore and were fine.
Yup, lots of food was consumed.
I guess this is one of the boats in the water attack game.
Caleb and Silas
Always good devotionals and time to spend with God.  I guess you had to say your memory verse before you could eat! (Miriam would've liked that!)
And lots of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.

Isaac's new friend is this adorable little puppy named York.  He's part rotweiller and maybe some beagle or something.  No, Isaac is not going to teach him to be an attack dog!  Just a nice, friendly, obedient, dog.  Anyway, he's sure won us all over!  And for those that want to know, him, his sibling, and mother have been roaming the neighborhood for some time and no one seems to know where they belong.  Well, one of the pups got taken, the mother has disappeared, and this little guy was found wimpering in our woods where Isaac found him.


  1. What an ADORABLE puppy!!!!! I've always wanted a Rottie for some reason. :) Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but they can be very sweet! And I think he looks like a York. :)

  2. I love it when people rescue animals. An animal lover at heart, I always get my pets from the local shelter--very good friends they become--never had a problem! It's not their fault if they get abandoned. Enjoy your new friend!

  3. What a cute, adorable puppy!!! I wish we had some woods close by that contained such sweetness. :)

    Happy puppy training~


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