Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Fun?

My grandma's funeral went really good.  It was more like a family reunion and with most everyone there being a born again christian, there was sure great fellowship!  My grandma was 94 and these are three of the four brothers of hers that were at the funeral.  The 97 year old still drives.  The 86 year old jogs and rides bike everyday.  If God spares my life that long, I hope I take after this side of the family!  These uncles are really special to me because they've been at so many family gatherings through the years and they have such a sense of humor and walk with God. 
Arthur, Isaac, and Silas left with a few guys this afternoon for Deserted Island Bible Camp.  The girls and I packed them lots of good food so they should survive! 

I couldn't help but take this picture at the cemetary. Can you believe it?!!  Lasting memories, yes, but advertising summer fun at the graveyard?  Hilarious!!
Priscilla made some peppermint tea today using stevia leaves to sweeten it.  Very good and 0 calories!  It's fun to get such a good drink right out of our own garden.  The stevia kinda changed the color some.

Well, the girls told me I needed to do a post today so this should do!  We've been really busy with gardening, maze stuff, harvesting winter wheat, oats, hay, and some straw.  With all the hot weather things seem to be getting ready about two weeks earlier than normal which is just fine with us. 

Have a great day and don't forget to have some of that summer fun next time you go to the cemetary!


  1. Wow, you have some good genes going there!!! :) This means you should be able to still actively garden and can until you're about 101, right?! Haha!! :) Oh, and I'm not sure I like their idea of summer fun...yikes! :\

  2. Ok, I know this sounds weird, but my daughter and I took one evening and traveled around to all the cemeteries near my hometown looking for the graves of relatives. Being history buffs, we enjoy learning more about people that lived before us. You can learn alot about the nation's heritage by reading the inscriptions on older stones. We also enjoyed the very interesting inscriptions on the gravestones at places we visited in England. My daughter got a beautiful picture of one lovely old stone in an English churchyard which read, "In the Cross of Christ, I Glory!" But yes, that sign is a bit humorous! Blessings!

  3. Ohh! That tea looks very good right now!

    Weird sign too...

    - Jen


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