Thursday, September 2, 2010

Congratulations, Hosanna!

The final scores for the local Bible Bees were posted online and we were excited to see Hosanna in the top 100, which means a trip to the National Bible Bee in Chicago in November.  Even with CYIA this summer, Hosanna spent every free minute studying and committing some easy and a lot of not-so-easy verses to memory and hopefully to her heart as well.  The final competition will be tough with some already having almost a perfect score.  Priscilla also did pretty good but was not in the top 100 for her age category.  We let her know today that she is invited to come with us to Chicago for her effort.  She was happy!  We always tell the girls, you can never lose memorizing God's Word.  He will always use it to bless your life, keep you from sin, and to serve Him.  I regret having not memorized more as a girl when memory comes easy.  These days I can memorize a verse and rememorize it, and rememorize it all in one day!
Today felt like fall.  There were hundreds of geese flying low with their 'going south' honks.  It was cool and rainy and you couldn't help but notice the leaves starting to turn colors.  Aaron and Naomi brought thier Sunday School children out to the maze which made our day special despite the weather.

Have a great evening and try to memorize a verse before bed, okay?


  1. Yeah! Go Hosanna!!! :) I'm so proud of both you and Priscilla!

  2. We noticed Hosanna's score was "way up there," and Priscilla's was high too. Congratulations again!

    Camille, I have such a problem memorizing verses. I teach one to the kids, and they have it down WAY before I do. It has taken me eight years to learn some very basic verses.

    Last year Bible verses were about all we did with Jason for school work so hopefully that will pay off some day. :)

  3. Congratulations Hosanna and Priscilla!!! We will be praying for you as you go in November.

  4. Congratulations Hosanna and Priscilla. What a wonderful accomplishment that will have life long benefits.


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