Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maze Weekend Three

Well, the maze is going good.  Priscilla is enjoying having cousins help her one day and the J. girls helping the other day.  Actually, this weekend was the best we've had so far, this year or last.  It helped that we had a nice day Saturday.
Now, I know we've posted a photo from the maze before, but this one was emailed to us from a family who flew down to the maze from up in Canada, just to see the maze!  We thought that was really neat, and actually, the young man flew into the nearest airport, not "down into the maze"!   Last year it was more locals but this year it's been really neat to have people come from all over as word gets out. (Sure wish this guy would've been around this summer when we got our aerial!)  At the top of the picture you can see our bale castle, the right hand turn only maze and the bale mountain.  The other things don't show up.  Someone thought the E on the compass was a pitchfork when they were in it!
A man at the maze mentioned he was shipping a sheep and Arthur promptly bought it.  They were calling it Maisy so we thought it fitting and kept the name.  She is REALLY friendly and certainly won't run off like our piglets!!  She does have a knack for finding burrs!  Any tricks to getting them out anyone?
On Monday we were open because of Labor Day and knowing we'd have a group, Nathan J. and Josh B. offered to grill burgers and hot dogs.  We actually just put out a donation can and said they were free but did get enough donations to cover the costs which is what we wanted to do.

We are already talking about next year since everyone seems to think this is a permenant thing and say "See you next year!".  I guess last year we were just testing it out.  We figured we better try it two years to see if anyone actually comes back.  They are coming back and we've sold a number of season passes.  But, it sure is a lot of work when you are still trying to run a farm and house, and garden, etc.  I told Arthur it's like having 50 dairy cows.  Too many for one family to handle but not quite enough to hire lots of help!  We do have some great young girls helping this year but I guess we're missing Naomi and Isaac as "older" help.  So as for next year, we're not sure.  I'm so glad we have a God to go to for wisdom and direction!  If you ever think of it, pray for us and wisdom in knowing whether to proceed with maybe a longer term commitment or call it quits.

Have a great evening!


  1. If you're taking a vote, I vote that you do the maze again next year! :)

  2. the compass would explain why I couldn't figure out the outside edge of Minnesota. :)

  3. I think you should keep doing it at LEAST until I can get up there some fall to see it!! :) I understand the help issue tho...but your kids are getting older all the time! :)

  4. Hey! You want a goat?

    Abby C.

  5. No goat, sorry Abby! I think we've got about all we can handle! If you hurry, Rachel, you can come up this year! And the problem, Rachel, is my kids are getting older and all have thier own things to do. I can't run their lives anymore :)


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