Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the McC. Family

Can you believe little Daniel will be two years old this Saturday!!  God sure does use the little people in our lives to bring us so much joy!

Did some shopping today in GF.  Always a relief to get home after a day of people, cart bumping, and traffic.  Saw lots of farmers in their fields and from the looks of it the soybeans are about ready in some areas and even the corn is turning brown and not from a frost, also the sunflowers are turning brown. (it always takes a frost up here to turn the corn brown). It is fun to have a load of groceries from Sam's Club!  Well, I got lots to do this evening.  Just thought the M. grandparents would like this cute picture of Daniel at the maze.


  1. Thank you sooooo much! He has changed a lot! We sure miss seeing them grow and change. Thank you again, we appreciate all pics of the boys, they change so fast. Love and miss you all!
    The McC. family

  2. What a cute picture of Daniel!!! Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

  3. Mrs. G., are you all heading up this way sometime soon? Seems like it's been a long time.


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