Saturday, November 27, 2010

Building on the Corral

Isaac has been busy working on our corral so it will be ready for TB testing next week.  We'll be really glad when our area is declared "TB Free" so we can stop this testing thing.  We're taking advantage of it though to vaccinate some of the cattle and separate them so we can ship those that need shipping.  We're thankful for neighbors who share gates and panels!  Arthur spent his day, with his dad, going to a farm auction.  There's not many things the guys like better to do than go to an auction.  No, he didn't get what he really wanted, a backup pipeline milking system, but managed to find some treasures.   Plus the guy that did buy the pipeline stuff sold Arthur the part he really needed the most!  See our nice snow?  Two weeks ago it was beautiful and now it's cold and we've had about a foot of the nice stuff.  Oh well, it's kinda nice to have the ground all white and covered till spring.  Makes everything looks so clean.  It's cold enough that the cows are even walking across the river back behind the barn! (This means ice fishing pictures are just around the corner!)

Hey, give me my rope back!   

Do I look like a dog that would steal rope?

"Think I better get out of here!"

Have a great day worshipping and fellowshipping with God's children tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You guys really get the winter, don't you? We don't get that kind of snow usually til at least January. It's been really warm this fall in Michigan. Just turned cold in our area a couple weeks ago. No major snow yet, just a few flurries that didn't stick. Love the dog pictures. Blessings!

  2. First, you should send the running dog picture to wiktel - second, you need to post :)


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