Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day1

Isaac took a few of his cousins out fishing one day.  Matthias sure enjoys fishing!

York loves being on the lake and having freedom to run around.

Just one of the many barn cats we have.  Cute, isn't she?!

Silas keeps taking picture of the moon.  We thought this was kinda cool because you could only see the bright part but the picture captured the "nightime" part of the moon.

Hosanna pulled out a really beauty but it was in the release size so she had to put it back.

It melted just enough to make the snow very shiny and hard to see.  There's lots of houses out on the lake and it looks like towns all over.

Have a great day loving God!


  1. Thanks for the Pics! Silas' moon shot and that last lake picture are truly awesome! Isn't God soooo good to bless us with such amazing beauty. jep

  2. I have a 5 year old nephew who would sure like to see that fish picture. He's never been fishing but he got his first fishing pole for Christmas. I didn't know there was a size limit...I am a city girl, newly transplanted to the country and I still have a lot to learn! ;0)


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