Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rambling, Valentine Princesses

Okay, I have had several people tell me it's time to post.  So, today I got out my camera that Silas takes pictures on, dowloaded them, and was about to post when Google informed me I was out of picture space.  Mmm.  Well, I bought more space for $5 a year but it doesn't show up till tomorrow so you'll have to wait.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying a gorgeous day of weather!  I've been working on Vacation Bible School for our church so that's made a mess of our office and takes lots of time.  It's okay.  There's not too many things I get more joy out of than planning VBS.  I did take a few days off for Arthur to work on our taxes which is really, really complicated with income from here and there, and other problems from being self employed.  Anyway, I like getting VBS done in the winter so I can put it away and feel like I had a little break before we actually have it and get busy with spring stuff.  For those that care, it will be May 30 - June 3. 

I have a couple of other computer projects going on so posting kinda gets put on hold.  After an hour or so of work on this thing I really need a break!  Multiply that by several times a day and I get really sick of computers!!!

As for Valentine's Day coming up, I've been thinking that maybe we have it all mixed up.  I mean, as ladies we expect the men to be our knights in shinning armour and us the pampered princess.  Bring us flowers, candy, get our car door, lift our boxes, etc.  We kinda expect the guys in our life to be our "heros" and do everything for us.  The Bible says we are to be our husbands helpmeet, not them ours.  Wouldnt it be cool if the next time you went out to the DQ you said, "Honey, you sit down, I'll go get our food."  That is, instead of him getting it and bringing it to you.  Or how about if we got his car door!!  (After we braved the cold to warm it up!)  Would'nt it be neat if the next time he was carrying something we said, "Here, let me get that." Bet he'd choke!! ' How about baking him that favorite meal instead of having him take you out for Valentine's Day?  Wow, hopefully I don't have anyone mad at me but I know I could be a better helpmeet instead of expecting Arthur's help.  Not that they shouldn't help and a godly man will help and should treat you pretty awesome.  But, it would be good if we were like Rebekah and got the water for the camels.  Pampered princesses sounds nice but I'm not sure it's the end of the story.  The princess should thank the knight for the lovely flowers he's sure to bring and proceed to wait on him and bring him his favorite drink while he reclines on the throne.  And no, I'm not against women!  Just thinking about what maybe things should be like!  Like the title of this post, Rambling.

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. I'll put it on record here that I think my husband enjoys getting flowers more than I do. :)

  2. Great reminder!! Although I don't think Daniel would like it if I got his car door for him. :) Haha. He says it makes him feel kinda dumb when girls do things for him that he feels he should be doing for girls. :)

    I understand the taxes thing too....Daniel does the taxes for the farming the guys do together, as well as his own income (which is all self-employed and comes from 3 or 4 different sources)....very confusing and time consuming!!!

  3. Í think Arthur would agree, Rachel, and feel quite insulted if I got his door. It was just a thought :) And yes, I know there are quite a few men that love flowers!

  4. I'll mark VBS on the calendar! Bye the way, I sent you an email the other day titled "Isaac" and I was just checking to make sure it didn't go to your spam folder. (oh, and married or not no flowers my way please ;)

  5. Whoops, I mean BY the way.

  6. Thank you C. for the post! Great thoughts.......Fred would also feel funny about me opening his door but, as you pointed out, there are so many other way we can make our Knights feel special. :) Have a great day! JNC


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