Friday, November 11, 2011

Final Harvesting

Isaac decided to take his nephews out fishing for the first time.  As you can see, there's ice on the river that the boat is breaking through!  Must be the final time for fishing by boat for this year.

Daniel seemed to enjoy the fishing, but not as much as David I'm told.  

David does look like he knows what he's doing doesn't he!  
The guys have been doing some final harvesting of geese when they get a chance.  I love hearing flocks fly over and hearing them come in to land.

And the final deer harvest is almost done.  Arthur's gotten three, Isaac two, and Silas got one.  Some of the meat will be shared with others whose freezers are emptier than ours!  There's still a while yet for hunting but the guys will be helping others fill tags.

It's only five days till the National Bible Bee!  Hosanna is getting excited and nervous!

We're doing our final apple harvest work.

The garden harvesting is finally done. I did pick some chives and cilantro yesterday for a last fresh garden taste.

As I listen to the news I can't help but think our time for the final harvest of souls must be drawing to a close as well.  It seems like things get more set up for the end time every day and one of these days we will have the joy of seeing the Lord return in a cloud!!!  The time is now to do everything you and your family can think of to bring souls to Christ.  I never feel like we are doing quite enough.  If anybody has ideas of how they do this, or have any great ideas on how familys and individuals can win people to Christ, we'd love to hear.


  1. I adore your self reliance. I read you and it's like a fairy I wish to be part of!!!!

  2. That's nice you guys could get all those deer!
    Hosanna I'll be praying for you when you go to Nationals!!
    Rachel M.

  3. The pictures of Daniel and David are so precious!!!

    Loved your post!

    Hosanna we are praying for you as you go to Nationals. We would love to be able to get with you all when you come.

    We are praying for you all and may the Lord continue to give you opportunities to serve Him!

  4. We all love those pics of Daniel and David!! My Dad and Mom loved them too. Especially my Dad. Thank you for posting those!
    We are praying for you Hosanna!


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