Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm News Update

I was just reading some more farm news, which I do and then report to Arthur anything he might think is important.  I was shocked to hear that of 200 jobs, with #1 being the best and #200 the worst job to have, dairy farming came in #199!!  I didn't realize we had it that bad! ;)  Only logging came in worse!  Sad to say, #198 was enlisted soldier. They say these were at the bottom of the list because  they are hard physical work, not good pay, poor working conditions and high stress.  Well, high stress might be true, at least sometimes :)  I'm sure glad we can find contentment, only because of God, in things the world looks down on!
(Wow, two posts in one day!)


  1. We are only "hobby" farmers, we rent out 10 of our acres for someone else to do the hard work and we keep a garden and a few chickens; however, I'd rather have the "stress of life" in the rural area (ex. will we get enough rain?), (why did the chickens quit laying eggs?) or at home raising food than the kind of stress that can accompany an urban lifestyle and high dollar job any day!

  2. Hurrah for the hard workin' farmers!


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