Friday, April 27, 2012


Just out today! Copied from One News Now
Labor Dept. nixes new farm child-labor regs
Russ Jones - OneNewsNow - 4/27/2012 9:55:00 AMBookmark and Share
The U.S. Department of Labor has withdrawn new regulations that would have prohibited children under the age of 18 from participating in many farm chores.

Residents of rural communities across the nation have been in an uproar in recent days over a proposal that would severely prohibit youth involvement on the family farm. Late Thursday night, however, the Department of Labor (DOL) withdrew its proposed rule. The terms of the new bill would have restricted the farm activities permissible for children under the age of 18.

Tim HuelskampCongressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) says the law that was set to prevent children from doing farm chores would have greatly affected agrarian-based states across the country.

"For months now -- in town halls, in constituent meetings, in the ag committee field hearing in Dodge City -- I've heard from Kansans about the hardships this regulation would place on our farms and ranches," says the congressman. "Kansas farmers have spoken -- and we've finally gotten our message through to the Obama administration."

Kansas is just one of many states that has fought against the proposal.

Huelskamp says the decision is proof that persistence pays off. "While I'm thrilled at the announcement, this is just one of a whole host of job-killing regulations threatening family farms," he says. "For the sake of rural America, I hope we will see many more announcements like this in the coming months."

Adds the congressman:"There is no better place to develop an appreciation for hard work and a strong work ethic than the family farm."

The Kansas lawmaker adds that along with the decision to withdraw the rule, the Labor Department will continue to allow farm safety classes through local chapters of 4-H and Farm Bureau. The proposed changes would have replaced the government's approval of those classes with its own 90-hour training course.

The Associated Press reports that child labor groups say they are stunned and disappointed the Obama administration is backing off the plan to keep children from working in hazardous jobs on farms. They contend more children will die in farm accidents that could have been prevented.


  1. Praise the Lord! I saw that yesterday too. There is nothing like working hard on a farm! :)

  2. I am glad to see your post on this. I had just rec'd news the other day that there were great outcries concerning these regulations! I'm so glad we still have a voice in this country. Kids need to learn hard work and what better way than alongside their parents? We have too many people in this country completely unconnected to the reality of where food comes from and the hard work involved. We have regulated ourselves to ridiculousness making it nearly impossible for a young person to experience anything but a sanitized, prettily packaged UNREAL world before they hit the REAL world. I am glad this regulation did not stand.


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