Friday, June 22, 2012

We're Done!

It took three long days to cut the maze but we're done!!  My legs are so sore today from all that walking but it's a good feeling to know the maze is cut.  It doesn't look like it in the photo, but in the three days it took to cut the corn it grew to over knee high in most places.  Now that may not seem like much in most parts of the country but up here the saying is, "knee high by the fourth of July" so we're ahead of schedule.  The girls and I marked the trails then I walked them with Arthur as he cut them with the weedeater.  I believe today Silas is going to start mowing and dragging them.  It's almost unbelieveable how Arthur buzzes the corn down to the ground and by the time we were done, the first corn cut was already about eight inches high again!  I'm also excited about all the boxes of things the UPS man has been bringing for the maze.  Banners, new worker teeshirts, store things, etc.  Thank you to everyone that "liked" us on facebook.  Arthur says he feels like a sixth grader again wondering if people "like" us :)

We had an enjoyable, very short, visit from Aaron and Naomi a couple of times this week with their adorable little girls.  They were up near here with a group from their church to help out another church.

Miriam and Hosanna have been helping out a mother who just had a baby yesterday.  I know a lot of people think they should go to college or at least have a full time job.  However, because they are home, in addition to doing a lot of farm and house work, they are flexible enough to help out different ladies when they need it, something they enjoy doing.  They very much have a full time job!

Priscilla is excited because the UPS guy delivered a box of 250 "180" movies she bought to give out.  If you haven't seen it, she would want you to.  I'm sure she'll have a copy if you ask!

Silas is excited about his Explorers graduation coming up.  It's been a great program at an important time in most of these young men's lives.

Isaac has been doing the farm work this week while Arthur's out in the corn field.  Both he and Arthur and Silas have been fencing (a never ending job) and cleaning out the hayshed to put new hay in.

So it goes.  Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Busy, busy, busy times. It seems a shame to me that you plant corn just to cut it when I have such trouble getting things to grow, but that's life in the ears of the corn. Ha ha ha :)

    Thanks to Miriam and Hosanna for helping out. I can't remember if the mom said that the boys call them, "Hosanna and Hosanna's sister" or "Miriam and Miriam's sister," but I thought that was cute!

    Did Silas ever have time last year to finish figuring out the pool situation? We still don't have our trailer back so can't get it now anyway.

  2. Can't wait to see you all, and the maze! :)

  3. That is very exciting about the maze! We will get to come and enjoy your maze this year! We are excited about that. The kids may want to help since they may be having withdrawls from not helping the P family this year. :-) Lord willing we will be up about a week after the baby is born.
    What is Explorer's that Silas is graduating from? We are looking forward to seeing everyone in a few months!

  4. Explorers is an organization that in our town is run by the police department and teaches them about law enforcement. They have had classes twice a week for months now and learn things like how to make an arrest, how to book someone, fingerprint them,etc. They've also done lots of PT, (physical training - situps, running, pushups, etc). It's mostly homeschool guys but there's a few others and one girl. I think it's run by boy scouts officially.

  5. So happy for you to have the maze cut and to hear how well the corn is growing. What a blessing!

    We so enjoyed getting to see the girls and to catch up with Naomi and Aaron a bit.

    Wishing we could see all of you. Your friendships are such a blessing to our family.

    Hugs, jep


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