Friday, October 26, 2012

Cornmaze and Cattle Auction Fun

So what do maze people do for fun?  Visit other mazes!  Our maze is done and we thought it would be fun to visit another cornmaze so we headed north.  Canada of course, there isn't much else north of us!  It was super muddy but we had a good time anyway. I think we're probably the only two cornmazes in the country that have human fooseball games.  No, we didn't know they had one when we built ours.

They also had an old combine in the field, something Arthur always thought we should do.  Their corn really took a beating with the winds as well as the drought. 

Yesterday, Arthur and I had some more fun by selling some of our spring calves at the cattle auction in Bagley.  This isn't a very good picture but you get the idea.  I tried to get a picture of each set of ours that they sold so we could figure out whose sold for what price as we had some of Isaac and Silas' calves as well. I love cattle auctions but I really don't like it when the large ones try to jump over the railings.  Didn't happen yesterday as most were young stock.  The wildest one was probably one of ours :(  The last auction I went to got pretty exciting with one really wild bull pawing the ground and leaping at the fence.

It was a busy day at this action yard.  This is only some of the cattle that sold.  You should've heard all the noise those cattle make!  We have a lot of bellering at our house too because we weaned all the calves and the beef cows have cut through the fence in three places while looking for them. 

Well, I have lots of stuff to do so have a great day! Did I mention Silas joined Isaac doing beet harvest?  He did send me a text message yesterday that said, "This is crazy".  Mmm.  I'll have to give him a call!

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  1. I really like the old combine in that corn maze!! That's a neat idea...most people haven't had the chance to be around much farm equipment and they're fascinated by it. :)


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