Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Tree

Arthur cut down a large tree beside our house and we thought the stump was pretty cool.  We don't have really big trees around here so this is about as big as they get.  At first pull, the chain broke, so they dug up a lot of the roots and then it pulled out nicely.

Priscilla took advantage of the open doors last night and passed out some 180 DVD's.  She enjoyed hiding behind a costume so no one knew who she was and said it was the easiest door to door she's ever done.  Please pray for the people that got these "Treats" that they would watch them and consider their need for salvation. (Normally we don't do Halloween and Priscilla would want you to know that she was NOT out trick or treating!)


  1. Wow! Go Priscilla! What a great way to fight the enemy on his own holiday! :D

  2. What an AWESOME idea, Priscilla!!!!!

  3. Man, I think a tractor like that would be handy for pulling out the stumps in our backyard! :)

  4. I never would have thought of going door to door handing out "180's" on Halloween! I'm guessing people were way more receptive to someone dressed as a clown:) What a creative idea!

  5. I love that idea too!!! May God bless her efforts richly....


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