Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cilla's Trip Part One

Priscilla here, I had an absolutely awesome trip!!!!! Michele Bachmann came and spoke to us a few times, and this is our team with her. She was kinda talking when we took the picture. Our Team was team Liberty, and it consisted of Josh, Debbie, John, and Daniel K. and myself. Mr. K was our van driver, and our team leader was Jae. She was awesome too!  Elizabeth H. and Ronnie C. both came with us as well, but they were both on different teams. There was about 40 kids total, and we were split up into six teams. In my next post I'll tell about the actual work that I was doing, but for now you'll just have to hear me talk about all the other things that we did. Several days different candidates that we were helping campaign for came in and spoke to us. It was really neat to get to know the candidates that we were helping. They even told us that Mitt Romney knew that we were helping him, and that he wanted us to know that he appreciated it. At Michele Bachmann's victory party, we even heard Kurt Bills speak. He said that there is no shame in losing the election, the shame comes when we don't stick up for what we believe.

The Staff at  Generation Joshua let us take an afternoon off to go to the Paul Ryan rally. It was amazing. I had never been through a security check before so that was cool. Our group got V.I.P. treatment, and it was incredible to be with that many people in one building. I was very impressed at how many people stood out side for hours with the hope of getting in. I was also pretty happy to see Mrs. Marvin get to speak there.

This is the plane that Mr. Ryan came in on. They say that it was the biggest rally Ryan had ever been to without Romney. There was around 10,000 people. We also got to spend Tuesday evening at the victory rally of Michele Bachmann, and although watching the election did get a little bit depressing after all our work, we had a good time. The media loved our group. When we first got there, and were standing around in a circle praying, we could hear them snapping pictures of us. I even had a reporter ask me some questions and several took down my name after taking my picture. Well, I'll try and tell you about all the wonderful work tomorrow, but right now, I'm going to bed, we got really low on sleep. So you'll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out how many calls we did, and how many doors we went to. Are there any guesses?

(Mom here, I'm sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.  We sent Priscilla our worst camera because it was the smallest and she didn't want extra stuff to lug around.)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! For a great cause as well! Thanks for all your work :)


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