Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What We Did Today

It's pretty cold out but not cold enough to stop the cement guy from coming out.  We got our addition slab done and then they headed over to Amos' to get his barn milk house and parlor floor done. Thankfully God stopped the rain and snow about the time they started and is holding it off till we get it covered with tarps and straw so it doesn't freeze tonight.  For those that didn't know we were doing this, it might be a long time before it gets done.  We'll do it as we have the money and time.  (Arthur isn't sure what time is anymore or where to find it!  He's really, really busy!)Hopefully it will be a large living room, and then someday, we'll take the living room we have now and make it into a dining room.

Meanwhile, Arthur's parents so graciously went down to get Priscilla and her friends so that they could stay an extra day campaigning.  They would've come back today but they were looking forward to waving signs today and going to the victory party tonight. At least we hope it's a victory party! 

Well, we hope you all took time to pray for our nation today and went out to vote!

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