Monday, November 5, 2012

Judges and Priscilla

Voting for judges is not an easy thing.  You really have to dig to find anything on any of them.  Here's what we've found out about our judge races:

 Tinglestad and Griffith are both great men, godly men, and should get everyone's vote!

In the race for associate justice 1:  There is Barry Anderson - good judge, pro-life, endorsed by Tim Pawlenty and lots of other good people.  Anderson is running against Dean Barkley - not pro-life.  The thing is, Anderson believes judges should be appointed whereas Barkley believes that judges should be elected by ballot, by the people, and that the word "incumbent" should be removed from the ballot (something that really bugs me as they don't do this for any other race)  He is endorsed by the MN GOP.  So, it's kinda a hard call, you'll have to decide if the man is more important, or the right to keep voting for judges.

In the 9th district court race, John Melbye against Diana Sweeney, we couldn't find a whole lot about either person.  Melbye is the incumbent and has the MN GOP endorsement because he too believes judges should be elected whereas Sweeney doesn't.  However, we've seen Melbye signs in mostly yards with signs of people we do not support, so again, it's going to be a hard call.  If anyone knows anything to help us vote one way or another, we'd sure like to know!

Meanwhile, Priscilla is having a great time campaigning for Michelle Bachmann through the HSLDA Student Action Teams.  She's visited with Mrs. Bachmann, and went to the Paul Ryan rally.  She thought it was pretty neat because their group got VIP treatment and got to go through the fast lines with better seating. (A big thing with 10,000 people!)  I'll let her tell you about it when she gets home.

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