Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Petunia Planting Day

The crew was out planting petunias today, all 15,000 or so of them. Plants that is, not crew members! It was perfect weather for planting!

Isaac went along digging the holes with his three pronged hoe.  Notice the price of gas up here is $3.59. How much is it where you're at?

Silas and some of the others planting the flowers with Caleb M. on the left picking up the empty four-packs and flats. Silas had to leave early for work.  Priscilla and Karen J. worked in the semi's arranging the flats of flowers so that the colors came out right.

Arthur goes along and drops the flats and Miriam puts the four-packs out by every fourth hole so they're ready for the planters.  One lady that we don't know came by and gave Arthur some money to take the workers to the DQ because she thought they were so friendly and such good workers.  Then another lady from church came by and gave Arthur some more money to take the workers to the DQ.  So, they all finished up their hard day with a trip to the DQ that they really, really enjoyed!  Everyone is quite sore from all the bending.

I didn't go along to plant so while they were gone I worked on this boardwalk behind the new addition.  Don't look too close as I can't cut boards very straight!! I lined them up on the other side so that side is just right. Anyway, I had to have Arthur finish putting in screws because my hands couldn't handle the drill anymore.  Tomorrow I hope to put in the dry rock "riverbed" in the long trench where all the snow from winter falls and melts. I know its a mess, but it'll get better when the work is all done, which probably won't be for a long, long time!  It's summer and things get so busy including the corn field that got worked up today for planting.

Have a great day praising God!


  1. We noticed the soil was tilled Tuesday when we were in, and on my way in today, they were all done! Usually I see them planting. :)

  2. It looks great! Gas went up to $3.86 here this week.

  3. Gas has gone up to $3.79 here. I think it is for the Memorial Day weekend driving. They seem to raise those prices for holidays.
    Everything looks great! Great job on your walkway!!

  4. Nice to see all the hard work! Thanks for sharing!


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